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chossing puppy teething toys

A Guide to Choosing Teething Puppy Treats and Toys

Teething in puppies could be a big problem for dog owners. There is pain and suffering on the part of the baby dog. Like human babies, there are teething puppy treats and toys that can help alleviate your pet’s condition. What should you look for in effective teething puppy treats? Baby teething toys are the [More]
puppy teething toys

Puppy Teething Toys – The Right and the Wrong Kinds

Deciding to have a pet puppy can be a challenge as this comes with loads of responsibilities. You do not only take care of its immunization, grooming and training; you also look after the changes in its behavior that can be more manifested during its teething stage. It will be very likely that it will [More]
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Different Ways to Execute How to Puppy Teething Remedies

A difficult stage for a puppy is the time when its teeth begin to cut. With a newborn puppy in the household, expect the teething syndrome to start from second to third week of life. It you are not a keen observant you may not recognize this episode in your baby dog’s life. You will [More]
Puppy teething has big semblance to the teething

Puppy Teething Tips when Deciduous and Permanent Teeth Come Out

Puppy teething has big semblance to the teething episodes of baby humans. Because of the similarities, some puppy teething tips are similar to those for infants and toddlers. The most notable is that both have two sets of teeth – the deciduous or the milk teeth and the permanent teeth. The puppy teething timeline comes [More]
puppy teething timeline

A Guide on Puppy Teething

It should be considered a normal thing the moment one notices that his/her puppy tends to chew the clothes. Puppy teething is the stage that comes along with the development of the puppy into a grown dog. At this stage of the development, the baby teeth are being replaced by the permanent teeth that have [More]
puppy teething toys

Puppy Teething Timeline: Stages of Teething, Pain and Relief

Baby animals like dogs and kittens resemble the teething process of human babies. They too undergo a teething stage for the eruption of their teeth. And in the same manner, puppies have specific puppy teething timeline for their two sets of teeth. They are like humans who first have deciduous or temporary teeth. When these [More]
Stages under Puppies Teething

Stages under Puppy Teething

Puppies go through various stages during their growth from birth to adulthood. The stages that the puppy has to go through under puppy teething involve the growth of the baby teeth, the falling out of the baby teeth and the eruption of the adult teeth. Various puppy teething stages; newborns At birth, the puppies have [More]
Handle Puppy Teething

Steps on How to Handle Puppy Teething

According to the scientists, all puppies at the age of two months should have grown all the baby teeth. At full growth, the puppy has to have a total of 28 teeth with 14 of them at the upper jaw and the remaining 14 on the lower jaw. Permanent teeth always come into existence to [More]

What Happens During Puppy Teething?

Puppy teething is associated with pain and discomfort that bring a great impact on the activities of the puppy. The puppy’s mood and personality are also affected thus making the puppy to engage in chewing of the items that it comes across. It demands a lot in that one has to be aware on the [More]
facts on puppy teething

Facts on Puppy Teething

During growth and development of any living organism, there are new organs that come into existence while others disappear. For the case of the puppies, they have to lose the milk teeth in order for the adult teeth to grow. During puppy teething, people always observe weird behavior in the puppies; the main reason behind [More]